Sponsor/Grant Page

Improving Community Asthma through a Student Media-based Research Intervention    

            American Lung Association, (PI Gupta)
Goal: We will implement and evaluate a student-led, community-based asthma intervention in which adolescents are empowered to identify, understand, and address the factors affecting asthma in their community.

Improving Food Allergy Verification and Medication Access in the Chicago Public Schools        
            Dey Pharmaceuticals/Mylan LLP (PI Gupta)
Goal: This project will leverage the resources and expertise of Northwestern University’s Institute for Health Care Studies, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Special Education and Supports, and Dey Pharmaceuticals in order to determine the prevalence and geographic/demographic variability of Food Allergy among Chicago public schoolchildren.  

Improving Asthma Verification and Medication Access in the Chicago Public Schools        
            Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (Co-PI Gupta)
Goal: This project will determine the prevalence and variability of asthma among Chicago public schoolchildren and assess barriers to adherence to new asthma management policies (including disease verification and medication, asthma action plan and 504 plan access) approved by CPS in January 2012.

Children’s Memorial Food Allergy Study        
            The Food Allergy Initiative, (PI Gupta)
Goal: This unique database will advance knowledge regarding: 1) the life course of a specific food allergy including exposures, reactions, severity and in some cases tolerance; 2) the genetic basis of food allergy; 3) environmental contributors to food allergy; 4) the possibility of predicting and/or preventing food allergy; 5) establishing optimal treatments for food allergy; and 6) understanding food allergy from an health services perspective.  

The Economic Burden of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States        
            The Food Allergy Initiative, Chicago (co-PI Gupta)
Goal: This research seeks to estimate direct medical, direct non-medical, and indirect costs of food allergies by surveying a nationally representative panel of individuals building upon previous work published by Gupta RS et al 2011 in Pediatrics 

Using “videovoice” to enhance National Children’s Study community engagement efforts
            The National Children’s Study: Greater Chicago Study Center    (PI Gupta)
Goal: Use participatory research to elevate community engagement as a strategy for broadening the relevance and public reception of the study’s findings, in addition to enhancing NCS GCSC recruitment and retention efforts.

The Impact of Community Factors on Childhood Asthma
             Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Physician-Faculty Scholars Award (PI Gupta)    
Goal: Study to further my characterization of the effect of positive and negative community factors on childhood asthma and asthma severity.