My New Food Allergy Book!

Hello, I'm back with my second post already!  As a pediatrician, food allergy researcher and mother of a food-allergic daughter, I am always in contact with people who care deeply about and often struggle childhood food allergy.  These individuals are a constant source of inspiration to me and are what drove me to write this new book, The Food Allergy Experience.

I hope this book helps families living with food allergy and helps all the people involved in a child’s life better understand what that child’s day-to-day world is like and what it takes to keep them safe. My daughter, who happens to have food allergies, is amazing, and our life is beautiful with her. This book is for all the children around the world with food allergy and for the people involved in their lives.  It will be released this Sunday, September 30th at the Food Allergy & Anaphalaxis Network's Walk for Food Allergy.  We will have a table there where we will be selling the book.  I hope you'll consider coming by and celebrating this wonderful event with us!

All the best,

Ruchi Gupta M.D., M.P.H.