Blogger Summit

It has been a while since I posted.  So sorry. Busy January.  I am on a plane right now to NYC.  I am going to talk to some of the top food allergy bloggers about their experiences and give them a talk on the medical side of food allergy.  I am looking forward to it.  Here are some of the bloggers and their sites.  Check them out for some very useful information. 

1.       Caroline Moassessi / Grateful Foodie
2.       Cybele Pascal / The Allergy-Friendly Cook
3.       Elizabeth DiBurro / Easy Breezy Life
4.       Heidi Bayer / Brooklyn Allergy Mom
5.       Irene Chu / Get Allergy Wise
6.       Sarah Chuck / Get Allergy Wise
7.       Jenny Sprague / Multiple Food Allergy Help
8.       Joanne LaSpina / Food Allergy Assistant
9.       Kelly Rudnicki / Food Allergy Mama
10.   Kimberly Pellicore / The Food Allergy Mom
11.   Libby Ilson / The Allergic Kid
12.   Lindsey Steffensen / Frugal Food Allergies
13.   Lisa Rutter / No Nuts Moms Group; Facebook
14.   Missy Berggren / The Marketing Mama
15.   Ruth LovettSmith / Best Allergy Sites
16.   Tracy Bush / Nutrimom – Food Allergy Liaison