Going Back-To-School with a Food Allergy

It’s hard to believe, but August is almost over and summer is winding down. This back-to-school time can be exciting for kids and parents alike, with new classes, new friendships and new opportunities around ever corner. However, for kids with food allergy and their parents, this time of year can also be accompanied by a lot of stress. Will new teachers understand the potentially life-threatening nature of my child’s food allergy? Will my child be safe hanging out after school at the homes of new classmates and friends? Will my child’s food allergy isolate him from other kids, or subject her to bullying by peers? To try to help raise awareness about issues around food allergies in schools, as well as to emphasize the importance of having emergency epinephrine in schools for use in the event of anaphylaxis, I recently filmed some interviews with TV stations across the country. Here’s one I did for a local CBS affiliate in Texas if you’re interested.