A recent asthma grant proposal

If you encountered me or my team over the past month or so, you probably realized rather quickly that we were in the midst of preparing a large grant proposal to a federal institute called PCORI.  PCORI is a new source of funding that was created by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  PCORI focuses on what are called "Patient-Centered Outcomes", which are things that matter most to patients when receiving treatment for a disease or health condition, things such as a patient's quality of life, as opposed to more traditional clinical outcomes.

In our proposal, which we just submitted last week, we focused on trying to improve childhood asthma outcomes among those who are most affected by asthma in Chicago, African-American and Latino children living on Chicago's South- and West-sides.  To do this, we thought it was important to connect with young asthma patients in multiple environments-not just in the clinic.  For this reason we incorporated community health workers, school health aides, AND nurses/physicians into a comprehensive program that engages youth with asthma at home, in school, as well as in the clinic.  I thought it was important to blog about this because I have posted so much on food allergy recently that I wanted to share something related to our asthma work.  Anyway, we are very excited to hear back from PCORI in a few months to see what they thought of our proposal. I'll keep you posted!