The Economic Impact of Childhood Food Allergy in the US

Hello everyone!  Today I'm happy to announce the release of a very exciting article that we just published in JAMA-Pediatrics. In the paper, we share the results of a recent investigation into the real cost of food allergy to the United States.  We all know that food allergy is on the rise and affects a large number of families in the US, but you may not have realized quite how costly this condition is for families. Not only do children with food allergy require extra medication, allergen-free foods, and additional visits to the doctors office (or emergency room in the event of a severe reaction), parents of these children occasionally have to take time off of work to care for them.  Each of these things costs money. Interestingly, we found that many parents decided to leave their jobs, or change jobs to a lower-paying position that permitted additional flexibility to care for their child with food allergy.  In total, we found the cost of childhood food allergy in the US to be approximately $24.8 billion/year.  

If you can't access the full article above (sorry!), you can read more in national news outlets like CBS News, CNN, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times,