Allergy-friendly Sports: GO WILDCATS!

As a food allergy research and mother of a child with food-allergy, I am all too aware of the barriers that food allergies can pose to the enjoyment of everyday social activities, like going out for dinner, or going to the stadium to root on your favorite sports team.  Thankfully, the tireless efforts of food allergy advocates to raise awareness and create more allergy-friendly policies are finally beginning to be recognized, particularly here in Chicago.  I'm happy to announce that this Saturday, October 19th, our very own Northwestern Wildcats will be holding their first ever peanut-free football game! They will be power-washing the entire stadium to remove peanut residue and will ensure no peanut products will be sold or permitted to enter the stadium. This may be the first ever allergy-friendly NCAA football game ever, and with our support, we can help ensure it will be the first of many.  So if you're of the purple persuasion, or just want to see some Big 10 football, come out to Ryan Field this Saturday to show your support!