Speaking at FARE's Food Industry Day in Washington DC

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to share my recent research on the economic impact of childhood food allergy with a room full of food industry leaders, including officials from the Food and Drug Administration.  It was a fabulous event, held by FARE, who assembled non-stop parade of informed experts sharing information relating to their particular area of expertise.  The event was called FARE's Food Industry Day.  For instance, FARE assembled a group of food allergy parents to discuss the impact of food labeling policies, a representative from the National Restaurant Association to discuss how to train kitchen staff on avoiding cross-contamination, and a representative from the FDA to discuss how food is regulated in this country.  A full list of speakers can be found here.  I think that creating opportunities for researchers, patient advocates, and other food allergy experts to engage with the people who make, market, regulate and prepare our food is absolutely essential to helping to improve food allergy outcomes in this country.  Thank you FARE for making this happen.