The USAnaphylaxis Summit

While I was out in Washington DC this past weekend, I attended and gave a presentation at the first annual USAnaphylaxis Summit.  This great event brought together allergists, pediatricians, school nurses, parents of food-allergic children, food allergy bloggers and others, in order to share resources and help build a stronger community-based anaphylaxis network.  In my presentation, which was entitled: "The Role of the Pediatrician", I emphasized the important role that pediatricians play in the diagnosis and management of childhood food allergy.  We pediatricians are often the first, and sometimes the only physicians that parents and children with food allergy talk to about their allergies. For that reason, it's so important that pediatricians understand the ins and outs of food allergy diagnosis, testing, medications and patient counseling, as well as the need for referral to allergists for more specific concerns.  If you're in town for next year's event, I would highly recommend attending, since it was a fabulous event.  I know that I certainly learned a lot!