2014 National Food Allergy Conference

In less than 1 month, FARE's annual National Food Allergy Conference will begin!  As always, this year's conference provides a fabulous opportunity to learn lots about the latest advances in food allergy research as well as discover new tips for managing food allergies.  Perhaps most importantly, the conference provides a chance to meet similarly minded food allergy experts and advocates from across the country.  

I will personally be speaking on Saturday June 21 about our recent "Improving Food Allergy Verification and Medication Access in Chicago Public Schools" study, which aims to understand the barriers that parents face in reporting their children’s food allergies to CPS schools. This session will help parents with students in CPS schools who have food allergies learn more about this initiative, increase communication with their schools, and provide more education and resources.  

Take a look at the interactive conference schedule to find out about more great talks and workshops.