2015 AAAAI Annual Meeting: Empowering Students with Asthma in Chicago Schools through Photovoice and Videovoice

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm headed to Houston in a few days for the AAAI annual meeting where I'll be making a number of presentations.  Here's a summary of my 2nd presentation, for those of you who want to stay abreast of my latest research.  It's entitledEmpowering Students with Asthma in Chicago Schools through Photovoice and Videovoice, and it reports findings from a recent school-based asthma intervention we carried out in a south-side Chicago school.

As you may know, asthma is a problem of epidemic proportions in Chicago, where childhood prevalence and mortality rates are well above the national average. The objective of this study was to partner with adolescents to improve asthma management and increase community asthma knowledge and support. To do this, middle school students with asthma (N=12) were recruited at a Washington Park school to participate in a 13-week program grounded in Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) principles. Students were given mini-tablet mobile devices to investigate socio-environmental factors influencing their asthma.  They did this by taking photographs, recording video Public Service Announcements to educate their communities, and implementing a targeted community intervention.

The major asthma triggers identified by students in their communities included air pollution, smoking and automobile idling. Participants demonstrated significant improvement in asthma self-efficacy and empowerment (p<.05).  Interestingly, their caregivers demonstrated significant improvement in their asthma-related quality of life and asthma knowledge (p<.001).  Use of peak flow meters (p<.01), spacers (p<.05), and asthma action plans (p<0.01) also increased significantly as a result of the program. As a capstone project, students developed and presented videos to peers and caregivers and posted them to a website to disseminate results to the community.  You can view these videos on my new website at http://www.ruchigupta.com/asthma-videos/!