Childhood Asthma Epidemiology

Geographic Variability in Childhood Asthma Prevalence in Chicago

This highly-cited 2008 paper was the first to empirically demonstrate the tremendous geographic variability of childhood asthma prevalence in Chicago--which ranged from 0 to 44% by neighborhood.  CLICK HERE to learn more.   WATCH AN INTERVIEW WITH DR GUPTA HERE. 

The Protective Effect of Community Factors on Childhood Asthma

A follow-up to our geographic variability paper, this study found community vitality and social capital to be significant predictors of reduced asthma prevalence--suggesting that interventions which build upon these local resources may lower the asthma burden in target communities. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

The Association between Community Crime and Childhood Asthma Prevalence in Chicago

Prior to this study little attention had been paid to exposure to crime as a possible contributor to variability in urban childhood asthma prevalence.  This study found a significant association between violent crime and childhood asthma prevalence throughout the city of Chicago.  CLICK HERE to read more.  LISTEN TO DR. GUPTA discuss the study on NPR here.   

The State of Pediatric Asthma in Chicago's Humboldt Park: A community based study in two local elementary schools

After finding such tremendous geographic variability in childhood asthma prevalence in my 2008 study I decided to go into a community with a particularly high asthma prevalence--Humboldt Park--to learn more about why this might be. We administered surveys in two elementary schools, finding that 25% of students had physician-diagnosed asthma and another 16% were likely to have undiagnosed asthma.  Moreover, caregiver stress, crime-related stress and problems with psychological coping were significantly associated with poorer asthma morbidity and control among children.  CLICK HERE to read more. 

Characterizing Community-based Asthma Knowledge in Chicago and its High Risk Neighborhoods

The goal of this study was to characterize asthma knowledge in high risk neighborhoods compared to a random sample of residents in the Chicago area. For some aspects of asthma knowledge, (e.g., nocturnal cough, cockroach allergen, and vaporizer use), general knowledge was similarly low. For other aspects, (e.g. the need for asymptomatic asthma visits and chest tightness), there were larger gaps between residents of high risk communities and the general community. High-risk neighborhoods in Chicago had lower asthma knowledge compared to the general Chicago community.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

                      Mapping asthma prevalence and police-reported violent crime in Chicago

                      Mapping asthma prevalence and police-reported violent crime in Chicago