Childhood Food Allergies: current diagnosis, treatment, and management strategies

Food allergy is a growing public health concern in the United States that affects an estimated 8% of children. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) convened an expert panel in 2010 to develop guidelines outlining evidence-based practices in diagnosing and managing food allergy. The purpose of this review is to aid clinicians in translating the NIAID guidelines into primary care practice and includes 6 content domains.  1) The definition and mechanism of childhood food allergy; 2) Differences between food allergy and food intolerance; 3) The epidemiology of childhood food allergy in the United States; 4) Best practices derived from the NIAID guidelines focused on primary care clinicians' management of childhood food allergy; 5) Emerging food allergy treatments; and 6) Future directions in food allergy research and practice. CLICK HERE for more details.