Current SOAAR Asthma Research

Listed below is information about what asthma research that SOAAR is working on.


Improving Technology-Assisted Recording of Asthma Control in Children (iTRACC)

The SOAAR team is recruiting approximately 250 patients from Chicago-area clinics to participate in an asthma education and medication tracking program. Control and intervention group participants receive free asthma education, including an asthma action plan and environmental allergy testing. In addition, the intervention group uses a sensor that is placed on asthma inhalers to track the usage of medication. This study will help determine patient adherence to medication and to test the effectiveness of the sensors in practice.


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    Student Media-Based Health Research Team (SMHRT)

    This project's goal is to improve student's health through an evidence-based, community engaged approach that aligns with mandated academic standards. SMHRT empowers students to actively learn about their own health conditions and those affecting their communities. Students use that gained knowledge to create community-level change. Although it is an expansion of the Student Media Asthma Research Team program, it differs in three ways:

    • Students of any age may participate
    • Any chronic health condition may be studied
    • Interventions include PSAs, posters, fact sheets, and musical performances.