Development of the Chicago Food Allergy Research Surveys: assessing knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of parents, physicians and the public

Back in 2006, my colleagues and I realized that more and more American children were being diagnosed with food allergy each year.  Although parents, doctors, and the general public play a critical role in the health and well-being of food-allergic children, little was known at the time regarding their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs relating to food allergy. We set out to develop a validated survey tool and assess food allergy knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs among parents, doctors, and the general public. Parents, doctors, and adults of the general public were then recruited to help develop the survey from 2006 to 2008. The research team reviewed past literature, created initial major themes, consulted a panel of nine experts, held six focus groups, created initial survey questions, consulted the expert panel again, held 10 cognitive interviews, tested reliability of the survey, condensed the survey, and finally, validated the survey with 150 parents, doctors, and adults of the general public. The end products include a survey each for (1) parents of children with food allergy, (2) pediatricians and family physicians, and (3) adults of the general public.  CLICK HERE TO READ A PAPER DESCRIBING THE SURVEY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS.   HERE IS ANOTHER PAPER reporting findings from focus groups we conducted to guide survey development.