Food Allergy Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs: DOCTORS

We surveyed 407 US pediatricians and family doctors who manage and counsel children with food allergy (April and July 2008). Overall, doctors answered 61% of the knowledge-based questions correctly. Most doctors knew that the flu vaccine is unsafe for egg-allergic children, that the number of food-allergic children is increasing in the US, and that there is no cure for food allergy. However, few knew that they can use oral food challenges to diagnose food allergy, that chronic nasal problems are not a symptom of food allergy, and that yogurts/cheeses from milk are unsafe for children with IgE–mediated milk allergies. Many doctors did not feel comfortable interpreting laboratory tests to diagnose food allergy or did not feel prepared by their medical training to care for food-allergic children. In conclusion, doctors knew a fair amount on food allergy, but as they themselves acknowledged, there are opportunities for improvement.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL PAPER.