Food Allergy Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs: THE GENERAL PUBLIC

In February of 2008, the research team surveyed 2,148 US adults online using a validated questionnaire to assess food allergy knowledge and attitudes among the general public. Overall, the general public answered 65% of the knowledge-based questions correctly. They knew the most in areas related to symptoms/severity and triggers/environmental risks of food allergy. Misconceptions were mostly on (1) the distinction between food allergy and food intolerance, (2) the absence of a cure, and (3) current ways to treat food allergy. Those with higher scores usually have had prior knowledge, familiarity, or training in food allergy. There was a wide range of perceptions, although there tended to be little stigma associated with food allergy, and most opposed specific food allergy policies in schools. More awareness of the difficulties faced by food-allergic children may help promote school policies to keep affected children safe.  CLICK HERE for more information.