NU expands nut-free sports!

As both a college sports fan and food allergy researcher, I'm quite happy to announce that Northwestern is doubling down on their efforts to be more inclusive for families with nut allergies! After a wildly successful peanut-free day last year, the Wildcats are expanding this year's peanut-free game schedule to include their first three home football games, ten men's and six women's basketball contests, all 18 home volleyball matches and three wrestling events!  Before each game they will power-wash and take additional precautions to remove nut residue from the arena.  Obviously no nuts will be sold or permitted in the arena either.  Personally, I'm so glad that more and more teams like the Wildcats are taking steps to accommodate their fans' allergies so that EVERYONE can come out and have a fun, safe time at the game!  But remember, progress like this only comes when food allergy advocates speak up and educate others about food allergies--so keep up the good work everyone!