The Melchiorre Family FA Research Consortium

If you're not already aware--with the support from the amazing Melchiorre family--fellow food allergy researchers Paul Bryce PhD, Anne Marie Singh MD, and I recently formed The Melchiorre Family Food Allergy Consortium at Northwestern Medicine.  The goal of our consortium is to advance the field of food allergy research in three important arenas: Dr. Bryce's work focuses on isolating the specific biological pathways that underlie childhood food allergy--including the mapping of genetic mechanisms.  Dr. Singh's work will focus on improving the clinical management of food allergy and the development of clinical trials, informed by basic science.  Finally, my work will focus on the epidemiology of food allergy and other population health aspects of food allergy, including patient education and evaluation of public health campaigns relating to food allergy.

For more information about The Melchiorre Family Food Allergy Research Consortium at Northwestern Medicine, take a look at this recent article.