Governer Quinn to sign Epi bill

I'm pleased to announce that this Wednesday Governor Quinn will be signing a bill into law, for which food allergy advocates like myself have been tirelessly advocating.  The new law will expand Illinois' existing stock epinephrine law by permitting people besides nurses to administer epinephrine to children having an allergic reaction.  This is important because many schools lack full-time nurses, who previously were the only personnel authorized to administer epinephrine to students suspected of having a severe allergic reaction. Importantly, the new law also stipulates training requirements for school staff and provides a mechanism to report stock epinephrine use to a centralized database.  

I'm going to be attending a formal bill-signing event with Governor Quinn this Wednesday and hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures.  Regardless, I want to say thanks to everybody out there advocating for children with food allergy--whether it be via your emails, phone calls, or private conversations--every bit makes a difference.  

Also, the entire text of the bill is found here, and it's surprisingly easy to read (for a legal document), so take a look if you're interested.