New study published in Pediatrics!

Today I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new study that we've been working on for a number of years.  It deals with the important issue of "action plans", which are health management plans that specify exactly what should be done in case of an asthma or food allergy-related emergency.  Establishing an emergency action plan is an important component of managing both food allergy and asthma, and is something that all kids with these conditions should have on file with their school--just in case.  However, our study found that half of CPS students with food allergy and a quarter of student with asthma do not have an emergency action plan on file with their school.  Moreover low-income and minority students are less likely than their more affluent, White peers to have established a health management plan with their school.  Therefore, the next phase of this research will determine the most effective ways to reach out to families of these students and facilitate the establishment of up-to-date management plans with their respective schools.  Stay tuned for more updates!