Other Current SOAAR Research

Listed below is a brief summary of the work that is doing to enrich local high school students' understanding of public health.


Research and Medicine Program

In early 2017, SOAAR began the Research and Medicine Program to enrich local high school students' understanding of public health. The three phase program, based on the SMHRT curriculum, raises awareness and knowledge of health conditions.

Phase One: SOAAR team members educated the students about outcomes research and the process and responsibilities involved in creating and implementing a research study.

Phase Two: Students learned about qualitative interviewing and created surveys to ascertain community needs related to various health conditions. SOAAR helped students understand that communities have different health needs and solutions; what works for one community may not work for another. 

Phase Three: Students worked together to develop interventions and evaluations to test their findings.

Nine students from Francis W. Parker High School in Chicago, IL were the first to take part in this innovative program. They developed interventions, including PSAs for health conditions common in their community such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, and mental health. SOAAR hopes to expand this program to other Chicago-based high schools in the future.

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    Intervention to Aid Skin/Scalp Symptom Improvement with Safe Treatments (iASSIST)

    Recent studies have highlighted the role of changes in the skin microbiome in exacerbating atopic skin and dry scalp. iASSIST will help determine if YoBee, a hair serum and cream, is effective in restoring the microbiome of atopic skin and dry scalp to more closely resemble healthy skin.

    By studying this product and it's impact on patients with atopic skin and dry scalp, SOAAR hopes it will offer children and adults a new way to treat eczema and dry scalp.