Parent Report of Childhood Shellfish Allergy in the US

Although shellfish allergy frequently results in emergency department visits, national prevalence studies focusing on shellfish allergy in children are scarce. This study describes parent reports of shellfish allergy among children in the United States.  Of the nearly 40,0000 children included in the study, 1.3% had a shellfish allergy.  The average age for first reaction to shellfish allergy was 6 years and nearly one-half of all children with shellfish allergy had a history of severe life-threatening reaction. Shellfish allergy was less-frequently diagnosed by a physician than other allergies (59% to 73%). Furthermore, children with a shellfish allergy were less likely to outgrow their allergy than children with other allergies.  These findings suggest that the impact of disease may be greater than previously reported and that additional efforts are needed to improve awareness and management of shellfish allergy among children in the United States.  CLICK HERE for more information.