School-based Asthma Interventions

After identifying substantial disparities in childhood asthma within the city of Chicago, I developed a strong interest in partnering with schools in communities with high asthma prevalence to investigate the community-level factors that may contribute to this elevated asthma burden.  I was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation via their PHYSICIAN FACULTY SCHOLARS PROGRAM to develop and implement a media-based participatory asthma program for students with asthma.  We called it the Student Asthma Research Team (START).

Perceived Factors Affecting Asthma among Adolescents: Experiences and findings from the Student Asthma Research Team (START) pilot study

This paper reports findings from our Student Asthma Research Team intervention.  In this after-school program students were educated about asthma, participatory research methods, and media production to (1) identify neighborhood factors affecting their own asthma through photography and journaling and (2) address these factors by producing public service announcements to raise public awareness.  Social support was a leading factor influencing students’ health and asthma, followed by built environment and lifestyle.  CLICK HERE to read more.   

The Impact of Student-Directed Videos on Community Asthma Knowledge

This study evaluated the effectiveness of the videos created by students in the above START asthma program by administering a pre-test assessing asthma knowledge and behavior, showing community members the video, administering a post-test and then following-up with a delayed post-test.  The student-directed PSAs were found to significantly increase asthma knowledge among community members, irrespective of age, gender, or race. Increased knowledge persisted through the 4-month post-PSA follow-up. Of the participants who were successfully contacted for the follow-up survey, nearly 40 % reported meaningful behavior-change in response to the PSAs. CLICK HERE to read more.  You can WATCH MORE STUDENT-PRODUCED VIDEOS HERE. 

Improving Community Asthma through a Student Media-Based Research Intervention

We were funded by the American Lung Association to refine the START intervention, incorporating mobile technology. We implemented this revised "Student Media-based Asthma Research Team" (SMART) intervention at both James Hedges Elementary in Back of the Yards, and Beasley Elementary in Washington Park.  You can WATCH STUDENT-PRODUCED VIDEOS HERE.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.  


             A PSA from our original Student Asthma Research Team Intervention

    A PSA from our first Student Media-based Asthma Research Team Intervention

 A PSA from our second Student Media-based Asthma Research Team intervention