The Economic Impact of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States

This paper was the first comprehensive study to estimate the economic impact of childhood food allergy in the United States.  We also determined caregivers' willingness to pay for food allergy treatment.  To accomplish this we surveyed a representative sample of 1643 caregivers of children with food allergy.  We estimated the overall cost of food allergy to be $24.8 billion annually, which corresponds to $4184 per child.  Direct medical costs (e.g. hospitalizations, doctor's visits) were estimated to be $4.3 billion and costs borne by the family (e.g. costs of allergen-free foods, lost labor productivity) totaled $20.5 billion.  Caregivers reported a willingness to pay of $20.8 billion annually.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE STUDY.  READ A HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE about the paper here.